Why Is Diversity And Inclusion Important Manu Varma Answers

By Work With Us Foundation January 13, 2020

WorkWithUs recently chatted with Manu Varma, Traction on Demand’s VP Alliances and Friends of Traction, to get his perspective on the importance of diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the workplace today. With the ever-changing nature of the workforce and technology, Varma believes that D&I will become especially impactful in the tech industry. Read on to gain more insights on the matter from this HR professional.

  1. What do diversity & inclusion mean to you and to your organization?
    D&I is a feeling, and not something that can simply be seen. It is about respect and equality of opportunity.
  2. Why do you feel diversity and inclusion in the workplace are important?
    Not only is it the right thing to do, it makes business stronger. Problem solving/creativity is enhanced, and it makes it easier to recruit from non-traditional employment basis.
  3. What are the main drivers for D&I initiatives in your organization
    – Leadership and D&I committee
    – Company values and leadership buy in
  4. What benefits have you seen from including D&I strategies in your business?
    – Humanism: enabling people to leave repressive regimes
    – Recruitment ease
  5. What advice would you give to organizations or individuals interested in initiating or expanding D&I initiatives in their own organizations?
    Don’t rest on policy: policy does nothing!
  6. What inspired you to get started with D&I initiatives?
    It’s always been this way. Ethically, it is the right thing to do.
  7. Do you partner with any local organizations to achieve those goals
    We partner with First Nations Technology Council, Neil Squire Foundation, Rainbow Railroad Coalition, VanHack, Ladies Who Code, Girls Who Code, and Black People Tech Network.
  8. Where do you see the future of D&I in the tech industry?
    Every company is becoming a technology company. I foresee more micro enterprises forming within companies that can reduce anonymity and enable different kinds of people to undertake different kinds of tasks, leading to more robust occupational wellness which is directly linked to diversity.
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