Why Is Diversity And Inclusion Important Darwin Schandor Answers

By Work With Us Foundation September 25, 2019

WWU Board Members-Darwin Schandor

  1. What drew you to participate on the board of WorkWithUs?
    I wanted to continue my commitment to helping Streetohome’s progress in a very key area of getting homeless people re-engaged in society by levering my large network.
  2. Why are you interested in diversity and inclusion?
    I have been for 25 years, as I was a leader of RBC’s diversity committee for BC in creating awareness and knowledge.
  3. What is your definition of diversity?
    Recognizing and understanding our individual differences.

    • How do you encourage people to honour the uniqueness of each individual?
      By listening and creating awareness whenever possible, but also understanding and respecting that everyone comes from different points of reference.
    • How do you challenge stereotypes and promote sensitivity and inclusion?
      Leading by example every chance I can.
  4. Why do you feel diversity and inclusion in communities are important?
    It ensures our communities prosper and live in union together.

    • Why do you believe it is important to create opportunities for marginalized individuals to participate in the workforce?
      Probably the most important step in re-engaging back in society is helping ensure they reduce the probability of becoming homeless again.
  5. What experiences do you want to share when it comes to diversity and inclusion? (e.g. past D&I initiatives in the workplace, etc.)
    I’ve lived it throughout my 25+ years of leadership career when hiring, managing people, positioning ourselves in the marketplace as a respectful workplace.
  6. How do you think WWU can positively impact the lives of individuals, communities and the local economy?
    By giving people a second chance at re-engaging in society and the economy, driving self-esteem higher, and creating another ambassador to help others.
  7. What kinds of D&I programs and initiatives would you like to see WWU do in the future?
    Create more public awareness around what WWU is doing that is so closely tied to D&I.
  8. What trends do you see emerging either in your own industry or in the conversation around D&I as a whole?
    I think it’s getting better with the next generation, but still see the stresses that hit people, causing an unfortunate slippery slope into a challenge state.


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