4 EDI Trends in 2021

By Work With Us Foundation June 4, 2021


We are almost at the halfway point of 2021 and we wanted to share a few of the top EDI trends this year has seen. 


The first trend we are seeing is a focus on the multigenerational workforce. The workforce is constantly evolving considerably in terms of generational makeup. There are now five, or more, generations in the workplace. With each of these generations comes distinct employee expectations around topics such as reskilling/upskilling, connecting work to social impact and purpose, flexible work arrangements, and leveraging social media platforms.


The second trend is the impact of unconscious bias in the workplace. What we are seeing is a focused lens on how the biases, particularly of managers and leaders, have an impact on an organization’s culture and the progress (or lack thereof) towards a diverse and inclusive workplace. Bringing together a workforce that has a variety of perspectives, experiences, lived experiences and is representative of the communities that organizations serve is the comparative advantage of diversity. 


The third trend is around supporting gender identity and expression. HR departments are focusing on providing healthcare benefits that are inclusive of employees who are transitioning. Managers are in need of education around the language and their responsibility related to an employees’ gender identity and expression. As the movement to support these individuals continues, it is likely we’ll see more focus on updating diversity, equity, and inclusion training along with a need to have internal conversations and education around gender-inclusivity.


The fourth trend is the shifting language of Diversity and Inclusion to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Many forward-leaning organizations are also focusing on the idea of ‘equity’ as part of their overall strategy. Equity in the workplace manifests in a range of ways. The focus on equity in the workplace will be a magnified topic as businesses are being called to operate with a deeper level of transparency around compensation reporting, board representation, harassment reporting, advancement, and other talent management practices.


Missing a key trend that you or your organization have noticed has arisen in the past several months? Let us know! We are always looking for ways to expand our knowledge base! 




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