Breaking Down Barriers in the Workplace

By Work With Us Foundation May 21, 2021

Breaking Down Barriers in the Workplace


There are numerous benefits to hiring a diverse workforce and this comes with putting your employees first. As an employer, it is critical to build an employee-centered culture that promotes inclusivity. In coordination with WorkBC, below are a few simple steps each organization can take to breaking down barriers in their workplace.


1)  Be self aware and consider all potential barriers. Not all diversabilities are visible which means that employees can be impacted in multiple ways. Here are some questions to consider when assessing what potential barriers you can eliminate: 


2) Establish a welcoming culture that emphasizes open communication and intentionally respects all employees. Some initial steps in structuring these conversations:


3) Appreciate individuality and encourage collaboration. Each person brings a unique skillset to the team and it is important to emphasize each other’s strengths while encouraging collaboration to support one another in areas of growth. It is important to consider:


With these three critical steps in place, your organization is on the road to establishing an inclusive and diverse workplace that breaks down barriers in the workplace. 

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